GOP Delegate: Primary, Caucus Results Won’t Determine Nominee, Delegates Will

In an interview that aired on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday, Diana Orrock, a GOP delegate from Nevada and supporter of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, downplayed the role that primaries and caucuses play in selecting the eventual Republican presidential nominee.

According to Orrock, the power rests in the hands of the delegates.

“People are under the misconception that it’s the results of the caucus and the results of the primary that determines who becomes the nominee,” Orrock said. “In actuality, it’s the delegates at the national convention that are supposed to pick the nominee.”

She speculated that there is an effort underway to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee “at all costs.”

“Going into this convention they’re going to try to do a lot of manipulation to try to keep Trump from becoming the nominee,” she added. “A lot of political operatives in the Republican Party are trying to take Trump out at all costs.”

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