Scarborough Slams Democratic Party’s ‘Rigged System’: ‘Tells Voters to Go Straight to Hell’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough reacted to last weekend’s Wyoming Democratic caucus, in which presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) won the popular vote by 12 percentage points but picked up four fewer delegates in that contest than his opponent Hillary Clinton.

“He’s won eight out of nine,” Scarborough said. “And look, he wins by 12 points. I’m telling you, I would not do well as a Democratic politician. He wins by 12 points. He may not even pick up a single delegate. It’s seven to six now with a remaining delegate to be decided later. I’m sorry. That’s a crushing victory.”

Scarborough decried that system and question why the vote even takes place.

“Why does the Democratic Party even have voting booths?” Scarborough said. “This system is so rigged.”

He went on to point out how the Democratic Party cries foul over voter identification laws, yet maintains a system that does not value the “one person, one vote” philosophy.

“I’m talking about the Democrats for now,” Scarborough added. “Let’s talk about the Democrats for now. Here is a party who sends their activists out and have people chattering on TV and chattering on talk radio about voter disenfranchisement if you make somebody show a picture of themselves. This same party tells voters to go straight to hell when they select somebody by 12 percentage points and end up letting the other candidate who lost by 12 percentage points win the most delegates. That by definition is voter disenfranchisement. It is a rigged system on the Democratic side, even worse than the Republican side and I don’t know why Democratic voters put up with it.”

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