Trump Protester: Protesters Have ‘A Right’ To ‘Prevent’ Trump From Speaking, Express Rage In ‘Way That They Need To’

One of the protesters outside of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech in Burlingame, California stated that protesters “have a right” to express their “righteous rage” “in the way that they need to,” and to prevent Trump from speaking while speaking to MSNBC on Friday.

The protester said, “I don’t think it is out of control. I think that what you’re seeing people express righteous rage, at the fact that we’ve this hateful bigot coming to speak in our state, and they’re saying, ‘No absolutely not.'”

She added, “We respect the diversity of tactics, right? We planned to lock down the streets and keep him out, and stop him from speaking.”

When asked what she meant by “diversity of tactics,” Brooks stated, “We mean that black and brown and poor people have a righteous rage, and they have a right to express it in the way that they need to, and to prevent this man from speaking in our state.”

The protester further argued that Trump has been “inciting violence against black people, and brown people, and Muslim people, and giving a platform for basically, hate speech and white supremacy to permeate the country.”

She concluded, “I think that we should be interrupting the convention and making sure that Donald Trump does not take stage today.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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