Ohio Third-Grader Stopped From Reading Bible by Teacher

Per a WKYC report, a third-grader out of Lancaster, OH says a substitute teacher would not let her read her Bible during free reading time this week.

According to the third-grader’s parents, the girl came home crying because she was stopped from reading her Bible.

She said, ‘Mommy, the teacher made me put my Bible away.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean she made you put your Bible away?'” Audra Palmer, the girl’s mother, told WKYC. “The teacher come through and she was inspecting everybody’s books, and she said to put your book away and get out a different book.”

Palmer said she reassured Brionna, 9, that she had done nothing wrong by pulling out her Bible to read and that she should not be ashamed of reading it.

WKYC reports the superintendent had a different story than Brionna, explaining the substitute teacher was reading to the class at the time.

The school released this statement:

“The student was asked to put her book away while the lesson was going on. The book happened to be the Bible. The substitute had no problem with the young lady reading the Bible earlier in the day during free reading time.”

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