Meghan McCain: ‘Millennial Women are Going to Flock’ to Donald Trump

Fox News’ Outnumbered co-host Meghan McCain predicts that GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump will see a surge of support from younger female voters ahead of November’s election.

“I actually think millennial women are gonna flock to [Trump],” McCain said during Wednesday’s episode of Outnumbered. “Especially after all the things about Bill Clinton and his past start coming up, and you know Donald Trump is gonna go there, and he’s gonna go there hard.”

“What’s fascinating about this right now is that Bernie Sanders is showcasing just what a weak candidate Hillary Clinton is,” she continued. “The fact that she can’t take him out this late in the game — and his supporters are angry, they’re vitriolic, they feel like the election has been stolen from them — and I seriously see a lot of people online, a lot of young women especially, saying, ‘I’m gonna go to Trump, hashtag NeverHillary.'”

McCain’s prediction is particularly surprising given that the young conservative commentator has in recent months publicly and mercilessly attacked Trump. Just last month, McCain again called on Trump to apologize for criticizing her father, Sen. John McCain, for being captured as a prisoner of war.


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