Dick Morris: When Trump Goes After Bill, It ‘Paralyzes’ Hillary

Monday night on Newsmax TV’s “Unfiltered,” Dick Morris, a political commentator and former adviser to Bill Clinton, said when presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump brings up former President Bill Clinton’s past sexual misconduct allegations it “paralyzes” his wife Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton personally and politically because she refuses to talk to her husband, who is also her top campaign adviser.

Morris said, “You know, I’ve been there. It is the way to absolutely mess with Hillary’s mind. When Trump throws that accusation, it disrupts the marriage of the two of them and Hillary gets furious and Bill gets scared. And Hillary goes through periods where she’s not talking to Bill, sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks. At one point during their presidency, they didn’t talk for three months. And the point is that her major source of advice and leadership and guidance is Bill Clinton. It’s an aorta that flows between them. Without him, she’s got nothing. The reason she reacts so viscerally to these charges is not some sense of feminist outrage. It’s that her entire career is based on Bill Clinton and her marriage.”

He added, “When he sends that shock into the Clinton operation it paralyzes her. It becomes a command and control strike. Bill gets afraid to talk to Hillary because he doesn’t want to get yelled at. Hillary is too furious to speak to Bill and wants to show him how angry she is. And it takes days and sometimes weeks for them to settle down. And when they are not in touch with each other, it’s like Hillary fired her campaign manager.”

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