Gary Johnson: ’73 percent of What Bernie Says I Agree With’

Tuesday on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson was asked by a caller about the possibility of him working with Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in any way and perhaps win over some Sanders supporters if Sanders does not win the nomination.

Johnson explained that there’s a lot where Sanders and he agree and pointed to an online poll showing 73 percent of the time they agree. But the clear distinction between his philosophy and Sanders’ philosophy he says comes down to economics.

“Now, that’s the side of Bernie that has to do with pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, let’s stop with the military interventions, that there is crony capitalism, that government really isn’t fair when it comes to this level playing field, legalize marijuana,” Johnson explained. “Look, 73 percent of what Bernie says I agree with. We come to a ‘T’ in the road when it comes to economics. I would really argue that if we absolutely had a fair system of economics, that free markets — that we would do a lot better than going down the path of socialism. Look, libertarians agree with socialism as long as it’s voluntary. But, when it’s forced, that’s tyranny. So, that’s the libertarian perspective. But I think there’s so much in common, that just factually speaking — take a look, Bernie Sanders supporters, at who you next side with.”

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