Joy Behar: Trump ‘Basically Working With ISIS To Kill Us,’ Committing ‘Treasonist’ Acts


ABC’s “The View” co-host Joy Behar argued that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “is basically working with ISIS to kill us. They are working together.”

Behar said, “The thing about Trump though is that, he’s the recruiter-in-chief. He is basically working with ISIS to kill us. They are working together.”

Behar continued, “Because, every time you go after the Muslims and you talk about how they shouldn’t come into the country and how they’re all a bunch of whatevers, you are saying to ISIS, make another video to show people who are sympathetic to your cause, and don’t think they haven’t made many videos showing Donald Trump. He is a dangerous menace to the country, and I believe –.”

She later added, “Do you think that because he is the recruiter-in-chief, and by his words he’s getting more people to go on the side of ISIS, that he could be considered treasonous? I mean, that is against the Constitution, that is against America. That’s a treasonous act in my opinion.”

Earlier, Behar said the perpetrator of the attack, “comes from a religion that says that it’s absolutely an abomination to be gay, so he has a self-hatred that he might have incorporated, that he might feel — he hates himself for what he is. Listen, it’s not uncommon. Let us not forget all of the Republican congressmen and senators, a lot of them, who have voted against gay rights, who then we find out are in the bathroom, tap, tap, tapping. Remember that guy, Larry Craig? There’s a lot of that going around.”

(h/t NewsBusters)

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