MSNBC Host: UK Desire to Maintain Borders, Sovereignty Sounds Like ‘Old-Fashioned Xenophobia’

The reported reasoning behind the British people’s vote to leave the European Union, sounds driven by “xenophobia,” according to MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin.

Melvin offered his blunt judgement during an interview Friday with Christopher Dickey, an MSNBC contributor and world news editor for The Daily Beast, after Dickey explained the logic for many in the U.K. to vote for Brexit.

“A lot of it has to do with as earlier commentators said the fear that was driving this,” Dickey said. “The idea that terrorism, immigration, migrants, all of that was somehow threatening the British way of life and threatening the possibilities of getting jobs for young people, even though there was very little proof of that.”

Dickey continued, “It’s all about building walls to try and keep the status quo and say we can improve things, if we can keep the status quo and keep our, as they say, independence.”

“It sounds like some old-fashioned xenophobia,” Melvin responded.

Thursday, the U.K voted to leave the European Union, in a decision that has sent shock waves across the global markets and bolstered other growing populist movements in western nations like the United States.

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