Benghazi Annex Security Member: Hillary ‘Failed the Ambassador and Sean Smith,’ ‘They Died Because of Her’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” John Tiegen, a member of the Benghazi Annex Security Team said that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “failed the ambassador and Sean Smith, because they’re the one — they died because of her.”

Tiegen said, “[O]bviously if the military — the joint chiefs of staff, the commanders, the secretary of defense, was doing their job and not having a whole entire Air Force base on pretty much maintenance the day of 9/11, of course they could have been saved. Of course, anybody that’s been in the military knows that’s a bunch of bull. I mean, there’s just no way they’re going to shut down a whole entire base, Air Force base, for maintenance or whatever they were calling it. I mean, that’s just — it’s — I mean, that’s — it’s inconceivable they would — any military commander on the ground would even do that.”

He added, “For one, I wish the State Department would listen to the guys on the ground, that probably would have stopped the attack from ever even starting. Because they had — instead of being a soft target, they’d be hard target, but you’ve got pencil pushers back in in DC, Kennedy and Lamb, that don’t even technically know how to do their jobs, because they’re more required about what makes them look good versus let’s help save and protect lives overseas that’s in a high threat zone.

Tiegen further stated that Clinton “failed the ambassador and Sean Smith, because they’re the one — they died because of her. They died because of because Lamb. They died because of Kennedy. … Well, if she doesn’t know what the situation on the ground was that night, since the security had been deteriorating and the consulate’s been attacked twice, got big hole blown in the wall. I was there that night when that one happened. We weren’t allowed to go over to the consulate that night as well. And, if she didn’t know that prior, and she didn’t step up and say, no we need to do something, because there’s only two security personnel there that night, and obviously, they probably would have totally got wiped out.”

He concluded, “[T]his whole administration, Obama and Clinton’s — I mean, their whole — it seems like they just want to tell you what you want to hear at the moment, and then they go do something else once they’re outside your face.”

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