Geraldo: Trump Should Apologize For His ‘Brain Fart’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments about the Second Amendment and his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Geraldo Rivera said Trump should apologize for his “brain fart.”

Rivera said, “First let me just say, as you know, I am very close to Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. I love them both as men. This was a total brain fart by Donald Trump, for him to utter those words…”

He added, “In my heart I do not believe he meant to say, to suggest that if you care about the Second Amendment, you will do something awful to Hillary Clinton, but the mere fact that this grown-up man, who is the nominee of the major party, who could be the president of the United States, has, is so sloppy in his verbiage that he allows others to construe or misconstrue what he said as threat of violence against a candidate is shameful. He should apologize. It is not enough to say ‘I didn’t mean it. It is obvious I didn’t mean it.’ For Rudy to raise his voice and say, ‘Oh they have been the in tank for the Clintons for 20 years,’ that is a bunch of BS.”

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