Gowdy: ‘I Didn’t See That Many Questions’ About Clinton’s Email Intent In FBI Documents I Reviewed

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File,” Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) stated that there weren’t “that many questions” regarding the issue of intent asked by the FBI of witnesses in the Clinton email investigation in the FBI documents he reviewed, and some of the identities of the people who sent Clinton classified material can’t even be viewed by members of Congress “because of the information in them.”

Gowdy summarized documents from the FBI that he was allowed to view by saying, “My number one takeaway, Megyn, is there’s no reason in the world you could not, and should not have be able to look at the same witness interviews that I had to go to Washington and look at in a classified setting. You and your viewers should be able to read summaries of these witness interviews. The second takeaway is, a lot of the FBI’s time and attention was spent debunking and refuting these fantastically false statements that Secretary Clinton made at the inception of this email story. And the third takeaway, remember Director Comey said that he could not indict…on the issue of intent. So, I looked to see what witnesses were questioned on the issue of intent, including her, and I didn’t see that many questions on that issue.”

Gowdy added that “even Congress” can’t see the identities of some of the people who sent Clinton classified material “because of the information in them.”

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