Wendy Sherman on Clinton Emails: ‘I’m Most Concerned’ About Trump Creating ‘International Incident’ In Mexico

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” former Under Secretary of State and Clinton supporter Wendy Sherman stated that she’s “most concerned” about the “international incident” that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump created by going to Mexico.

Sherman said, in response to a question on the political fallout from the FBI’s release of its report on Clinton’s emails “[W]hat I’m most concerned about today is the international incident that he created by going to Mexico, meeting with the Mexican president, not really sharing with [the] Mexican president what he truly believed, which was, that in fact he was going to deport everyone and force Mexico to pay for his ridiculous wall, since we already have all kinds of barriers to people coming in here illegally.”

After anchor Wolf Blitzer responded, “He didn’t create it. The Mexican president invited him, invited Hillary Clinton as well, to come to to Mexico.”

Sherman then stated, “Yes, indeed. So, he went to Mexico, and he did not say to the Mexican president what he then turned around and said to the american people, which is that he was going to force Mexico to pay for his notion of a wall, that he was going to forcibly deport all of the 11 million undocumented people here, that he was going to, in fact, not allow young people who were born here, who came here with their parents, or — and then were born here, their parents having come illegally, he was going to send them all out of the country.”

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