Lewis: African-Americans ‘Must Get Out And Vote Like We Never Voted Before,’ Our ‘Future Depends On It’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said, “African-Americans and all Americans must get out and vote like we never voted before,” against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump because, he said, “Our future depends on it.”

Lewis said, “I don’t know what Mr. Trump is talking about. To say that the situation for African-Americans is worse than ever been — is it worse than slavery? Worse than the system of segregation and racial discrimination when we couldn’t take a seat at a lunch counter and be served? Worse than being denied the right to register to vote, to participate in a Democratic process? To live in certain neighborhoods and communities? We have seen changes. If he failed to believe that things have changed, I invite him to come and walk in my shoes.”

He continued, “I agree with the president, African-Americans and all Americans must get out and vote like we never voted before. I spent all day yesterday in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, speaking to religious leaders, to ministers, rabbis, and I tell you, people will listen. They are going to turn out. They are going to vote. It is not Hillary Clinton’s race to win alone. All of us must be involved in winning this election.”

He added, “I truly believe Hillary Clinton can persuade members of the minority community. It doesn’t matter whether they are African-American, Latino, Asian-American, Native American, or white-American. We must come together and get out and vote like we never voted before. Our future depends on it. I agree with the president again. Our hope—everything is hanging on this election.”

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