Trento: Three Reasons Why Christians Must Vote

(THE UNITED WEST)  In this new video from the United West, Tom Trento lays out why Christians must vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Remarks as follows:

Look, this 2016 Presidential election is a tough one for serious evangelical Christians. So, as a Theologian, I decided to put a series of videos together, which make the moral and social argument that every patriot Christian must vote on November 8, 2016. In this first video I provide some clarity on a very confounding situation by considering three questions: (1) Can I “fake out” God, (2) Do I want to get my ass kicked by God and (3) What if I was the only person who had to choose the next President of the United States of America?

These questions were not asked in an academic vacuum or in the sterile interior of a stain-glassed sanctuary, but they were asked in the rough-and-tumble grinder of the real world body politic. In a binary, good verses evil construct, no duplicitous games about vacuous third party protests. Nope, tough decisions at a tough time.

Complicating the matter is that many of my good Christian friends are sanctimoniously pontificating about the evils of Hillary and the failures of Trump as they proudly announce their high moral position of sitting this one out or casting a write-in for their Pastor or Priest.

Against this “horns of a dilemma” moment for Bible-believing Christians, I tackle the tough issues and come up with a conclusion and action step that is absolutely applicable for all Christians in America! Watch the video and share your thoughts.

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