Brzezinski Rips Hypocrisy of Democrats: Comey Was a Great, Credible Man a Week Ago

Monday, MSBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski ripped Democrats for being upset with FBI Director James Comey for reopening the criminal investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, saying Democrats thought of Comey as a “great, credible man” a week ago.

“[E]veryone talks about what Comey did as being outrageous,” Brzezinski said. “This was a great, credible man with great integrity a week ago. So I don’t really get that. What if there is something big? We’re not going to say it was so outrageous. The bottom line is this all goes back to the server, something she shouldn’t have done, something that was way more than a mistake. Way more.”

(h/t WFB)

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