Moore: Low African-American Voting a ‘Huge Fire Siren Going Off in the Clinton Campaign’

Friday on “Democracy Now,” liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said the low African-America turnout in early voting for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was “a huge fire siren going off in the Clinton campaign.”

Partial transcript as fallows:

MICHAEL MOORE: Yes. And, well—and now she’s not going to win without us on Tuesday. That’s the bottom line. And she’s not going to win without young people, because here’s one thing that we know now. We know how African Americans are going to vote. We know how Hispanics are going to vote.

AMY GOODMAN: Are you concerned polls say that—

MICHAEL MOORE: We know how women are going to vote.

AMY GOODMAN: —not as many African Americans are going out in early voting as it was expected?

MICHAEL MOORE: Yes. That’s why—that’s why today Hillary Clinton is going to Detroit, when she shouldn’t have to go there, but she has to go there, because in Detroit—one of the polls I read from Detroit is that she had lost 11 points of African-American voters in Detroit. Not that they’re going to Trump, but just they’re probably not going to vote. Yes, there’s a huge fire siren going off in the Clinton campaign, because, once again, they’ve ignored certain constituencies that they shouldn’t have ignored, and they took it for granted. And they treated Bernie very poorly during the primaries about somehow she was for African Americans and he wasn’t, or, you know, when—I mean, his whole history, from the time he was in college getting arrested at civil rights demonstrations, you know, and when she, in her freshman year, she’s the head of the college Republicans. So, I felt bad for him that he just had to suffer through all those things he did as a young person to stand up, you know, when it wasn’t popular, in 1963, to stand up for certain things.

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