USA Today’s Page: After Historic Loss, Dems ‘Are in For a World of Hurt’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” after President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page said that Democrats were “in for a world of hurt at the moment,” after last month’s presidential election loss.

Page said, “I think Democrats are in for a world of hurt at the moment. They’ve reduced to one tactic, the senate filibuster. That doesn’t say much for party if you have lost the White House, the house, the senate. You’re going to have a Supreme Court that’s going to be less friendly. You’ve lost all these state legislature, which may be the most serious thing. Democrats face a world in which they’ve been hallowed out.”

“They have not had people in the pipeline whereas Republicans have done that for the past 20 years,” she continued. “So they need a address not only the geography of their party but also building back lower ranks of the party, state legislature, statewide elected officials, so you have more profitability to move into the top ranks.”

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