Jim Brown: People Going Against the Election Are Going Against America

During the Tuesday CNN “Anderson Cooper 360” broadcast, NFL legend Jim Brown slammed election protesters, saying they are “going against America” because the country fought for the right to free elections.

“In my opinion, people that go against the election are going against America” Brown said. “We have free elections, everybody can vote. We fought for that, we brag about that, and we know we’re going to have a winner and we’re going to have a loser. So, my point is if we respect the winner and approach that person and have access to that person and that person will look at what we’re presenting, that’s not too bad.”

“I could have sat back and said, ‘Well, Hillary didn’t win, I’m just going to sit on my butt and complain.’ But see, the one thing about this country, if you get off your butt and you apply yourself, you can be successful. But if you want to be delivered, you’re talking about the wrong country,” he concluded, chuckling.

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