Reich: Trump Doesn’t Understand Democracy, Leans ‘Toward Tyranny’

This week on “Democracy Now!” former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich said President-elect Donald Trump does not “have any understanding of a democracy” and that his “leanings are toward tyranny.”

Reich said  “Donald Trump also does not have any understanding of a democracy and if anything his leanings are toward tyranny. And by tyranny I simply mean someone who absorbs the trappings of power but doesn’t understand that he, in a democracy, is a public servant. He is working for us. We are not working for him. And in many ways, Donald Trump seems to be indifferent, at best, to the democratic process.”

He added, “We’ve never before had a president or president-elect who has taken the media on so directly and so negatively and tries to plant in the public’s mind — and I think this is the real danger—  tries to plant in the public’s mind the notion that the press is the enemy itself. If the public doesn’t believe in a free and independent press, then we’re in a kind of fact-free universe, because––and also a president is immune from criticism. And I think that’s, consciously or not, what Donald Trump is seeking.”

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