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Robert Reich

Media Echo Michael Cohen Conspiracy: Trump Will Start Civil War if Voted Out

Since last week, the news media has been busy churning out content echoing a talking point propagated during Congressional testimony by President Trump’s disgraced and disbarred attorney Michael Cohen claiming that Trump will not allow a peaceful transition if he loses the 2020 election.

Trump says innocent in legal scandal, blames lawyer

Robert Reich: ‘Absurd’ to Say Obamacare Was ‘A Burden to People’

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” former Labor Secretary Robert Reich asked, “how can you possibly say that Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act actually was cruel or a burden to people? That’s absurd.” During a discussion with economist Stephen Moore,


Robert Reich Implies Trump Incited Sweden’s Migrant Riots

Robert Reich, a professor at UC Berkeley and former U.S. Secretary of Labor, has insinuated that President Donald Trump incited Monday’s riots in Sweden — echoing his unproven conspiracy theory just weeks ago that Breitbart News organized violent demonstrations at his university.

This Jan. 21, 2013 photo shows economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich from the film "Inequality For All" during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival at the Fender Music Lodge in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

UC Berkeley Alumni Site Repeats Robert Reich Conspiracy Theory

UC Berkeley’s official alumni website have repeated Robert Reich’s conspiracy theory that claims Breitbart News paid anti-fascist protesters to cause violence and start the riot during Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s show at the college last week.


Hate Speech: UC Berkeley Prof Still Suggests Breitbart Secretly Planned Riots

Mediaite’s Alex Griswold reports that former Treasury Secretary and U.C. Berkeley professor Robert Reich doubled down on his conspiracy theory that Breitbart News secretly plotted the Berkeley riots caused by violent leftwing anarchists who wanted to shut down Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ event.


Reich: Trump Doesn’t Understand Democracy, Leans ‘Toward Tyranny’

This week on “Democracy Now!” former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich said President-elect Donald Trump does not “have any understanding of a democracy” and that his “leanings are toward tyranny.” Reich said  “Donald Trump also does not have any

Robert Reich