Brooks: Trump ‘Siding With a Foreign Leader Against the US President’ on Israel and Russia

On Friday’s broadcast of “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks argued that especially with Israel and Russia President-Elect Donald Trump is “siding with a foreign leader against the US president.”

Brooks said, “What’s sort of remarkable is that, especially in the Israel and the Russia cases, you’ve got a US citizen, Donald Trump, siding with a foreign leader against the US president. There is a reason why president-elects have tried to remain mute during their transitional periods, relatively, because you just don’t want to be for somebody — some other country against your own government, and especially when you’re about to take the helm of that government. And there will be a lot of permanent people who are just going to be stuck there, who’s — who are now in a war between the president-elect and the guy they’re currently serving.”

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