Dem Sen Murphy: GOP ‘Shouldn’t Bet’ On Any Dems Helping Rebuild Repealed Obamacare

Wednesday on MSNBC, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act without replacing it, they will own any problems, and warned Republicans “shouldn’t bet” on getting any Democratic votes to rebuild iy.

Murphy said, “Republicans right now, a lot of them, think they can repeal it and then work with Democrats later to fix it. No, they own this. If they want to break this, they own it. I know what works, which is the Affordable Care Act with some common sense changes that Republicans and Democrats could agree on. What does not work is to throw the system into chaos and then try to build it back up again. I would argue it’s impossible to repeal it and build it back up again because you will have created such a mess that you won’t be able to build a foundation. So no, Republicans shouldn’t bet on any Democratic votes to rebuild this.”

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