FS1’s Cowherd Defends Trump for Confronting CNN’s Acosta — ‘He’s Authentic’

During Wednesday’s “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd reacted to President-elect Donald Trump confronting CNN’s Jim Acosta during his Wednesday press conference, calling the network “fake news.”

Cowherd compared Trump’s CNN feud to President Barack Obama’s feud with Fox News Channel, saying the president-elect, like former President Ronald Reagan, is “confrontational” and “authentic.”

“He’s authentic,” Cowherd said of Trump. “He’ll tell you what he thinks, he’ll put it on Twitter. He has no filter. It’s not very presidential but it’s funny because our current president, Barack Obama, had utter disdain for Fox News because Fox News did nothing but relentlessly clobber him, and sometimes I think unfairly. So, Barack Obama wouldn’t give them the time of day and would poke fun. Trump has been treated unfairly, in his eyes, by CNN. I mean, they just spent like six months attacking him, and so he’s going to mock them.”

He later added, “Trump just said about CNN what our current president said about Fox News under his breath. The difference is Donald will just say it. He’ll just blurt it out. He doesn’t have that self-control. But, the same thoughts from both people existed. So, would you rather have somebody smile to your face and hate you or somebody tell you they hate you? I would rather have the authentic person.”

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