Virginia Man Gives DMV 300,000 Pennies as Payback for ‘Inconvenience’

A man in Virginia decided he was going to get the DMV office in Lebanon, VA back after he was given what he believes to be the runaround, Bristol Herald Courier reports.

Nick Stafford wheeled 300,000 pennies to pay taxes on two cars into the office to prove a point.

According to Stafford, the DMV had it coming after he was denied direct phone numbers to local DMV offices following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out which of his four houses across two counties he should list when licensing his son’s new car.

Stafford filed three lawsuits, which were later dismissed after a representative of the state’s attorney general handed over to Stafford a list of the requested phone numbers.

“If they were going to inconvenience me then I was going to inconvenience them,” he said. “I think the backbone to our republic and our democracy is open government and transparency in government and it shocks me that a lot of people don’t know the power of FOIA.”

Stafford hired 11 people at $10 an hour to help unroll the pennies. The crew spent four hours unrolling pennies and putting the change into wheelbarrows.

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