Dem Rep Grijalva: Trump’s ‘Legitimacy Is in Question’

Monday on MSNBC, commenting on Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) saying  “I don’t see the president-elect as a legitimate president,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) said President-Elect Donald Trump’s “legitimacy is in question” and that he will not attend the inauguration.

Grijalva  said, “I chose not to attend the inauguration. I really feel that since November 8, there are no signs that Trump is rising to the mantle of the office of a president. On the contrary, there’s been no efforts at reconciliation, the attacks on Representative Lewis is a prime example.”

He added, “I agree with John Lewis that the legitimacy is in question. And the person most responsible for the question of legitimacy, whether it is John Lewis’ or mine, is Donald Trump himself. His comportment and rhetoric during the election carried on afterwards, failing to understand after an election one of the biggest responsibilities a president-elect has and incoming president has is to reassure the country that the transfer of power with it is going to come a full understanding of the reconciliation needed among the American people. He doesn’t understand that. And if there’s any question of his legitimacy, whether it is the hacking by the Russians, whether it is  international, whether it’s domestic that question that John Lewis has and I have and other people have has been brought about by his comportment and no one else.”

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