Reich: There Is a ‘Groundswell’ Against ‘Trump and the Authoritarian Republicans’ Enabling Him

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said there was a “groundswell” against President Donald Trump and “the authoritarian Republicans” enabling him.

Reich said, “You know, Democrats, like any office holders, what they want to do, they obviously want to be reelected. They obviously also have some principles but they are going to be most influenced by the people who elected them, and the loudest people among the Democratic party and electorate right now are furious. Donald Trump is something that has generated more activism in the Democratic base — and not just Democrats, there are a lot of independents, a lot of people who haven’t even been politically active before who are now active and the switchboards are almost impenetrable because people are calling their Democratic senators.”

“I was even interested yesterday that Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, two Republican senators, said they had so many people who were telling them not to vote for Betsy DeVos that they actually broke ranks,” he continued. “It’s not just Democrats. You have a groundswell in the United States right now against Trump and the authoritarian Republicans who are enabling Trump.”

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