Schumer: Trump So Far Is ‘a President of Little Impact’

Monday in Washington, D.C at The National Press Club during a news conference, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said of President Donald Trump having “demonstrated himself to be a president of little impact.

Schumer said, “What about the speech tomorrow night and the administration so far? Well, in the first month as Nancy said on TV yesterday, the president hasn’t done very much, but what he has done is forsake his promises to the working class. Favoring the interests of rich and powerful while shifting the burden onto working families. It reminds me of the old joke of two men at a diner. One says to the other, ‘Gee, this food is terrible.’ And the other man replies, ‘Yeah, but at least the portions are small.’ The first phase, first part, the president hasn’t done much. So far the president and Republicans in congress have undone a few regulations that were an afterthought of the Obama administration. But when the president signs them, he makes them seem like they’re the greatest thing ever done. Jobs continue to leave America despite the president’s boasts. The president is very proud of keeping one-half of one Carrier plant here in the United States while even at Carrier 1,300 jobs are still leaving and thousands more leave our shores each month from all over the country. ”

“There is no plan, no plan to stop that. The Transpacific Partnership was dead in the water the day President Trump took office. Leader McConnell said during the election, before the November election day, he said he didn’t think he had the votes for it and wouldn’t bring it up to the floor. So an executive order removing the U.S. from TPP doesn’t mean a thing. The president said this is one of the greatest accomplishments we’ve had in a very long time. Mr. President, it had already been accomplished by many of us who opposed TPP in the House and Senate. And on the big promises that could help working America, infrastructure, trade, even on the ACA, the Trump administration hasn’t even presented a proposal to congress. Folks close to the president say he’ll be a president of great impact. Thus far he’s demonstrated himself to be a president of little impact. And all too often the little he’s done seems to be a broken promise to working people. This foretells that in future months burden after burden will be shifted off the special interests and on to the working people.”

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