Fmr Clinton Spox Fallon: It Would Be ‘Mistake’ for Dems ‘To Be Distracted’ by MSNBC Trump Tax Story

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” former Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon stated, “I don’t think we learned anything at all interesting” from MSNBC’s report on part of President Trump’s 2005 tax return.

Fallon said, “I never could have predicted I’d coming on your show tonight, Don, and throwing cold water on a report about Donald Trump’s tax returns, but I don’t think we learned anything at all interesting tonight.”

He added that Trump “owes the public the full release of all his tax returns. I think that’s the only way we’ll ever get to the bottom of all his financial holdings and any connections he may have to Russia.”

Fallon concluded Democrats should keep their focus on criticisms of the American Health Care Act, and the tax story “would be a mistake for Democrats to be distracted by.”

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