Coulter on Refugees in Europe: ‘What Other Immigrant Group Could Not Stop Themselves From Raping Women?’


Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” decried those in the United States that were not learning from what is underway in Western Europe regarding refugees migrating from the Middle East.

Among the reasons for concern according to Coulter was what she perceived to be the “difficult time” these migrants were having with “learning not to rape women.”

“[W]hy can’t we learn from Western Europe? Just a few weeks ago, German intelligence reports that 1,000 German residents have gone to fight with ISIS. Hundreds of them have come back to Germany. What does Merkel do? She is setting them up with welfare because if they don’t have a lot of welfare, that could radicalize them if they don’t have welfare. Why don’t we believe what these migrants say? They come to countries. They rape women. They’re having a very difficult time learning not to rape women, even if they’re infidel whores and have short skirts. What other immigrant group could not stop itself from raping masses of women? They march around saying you’re going to live under Sharia law. They commit terrorist acts. It’s right in front of our eyes.

And can you imagine, what Angela Merkel has done is spreading throughout Europe, but just in Germany alone, combining German military discipline with Islamic ideology? It is terrifying what we are up against. Why would you do that in this country? And meanwhile, we keep trying to be distracted with Russia, Russia, Russia. Russia is probably one of our better allies in the fight against Islam. They’ve been dealing with these Islamic terrorists for centuries now. And you remember, they are the ones who warned American about the Tsarnaev family that blew up the Boston Marathon. But no, our government officials just wouldn’t listen. Let’s just worry about Russia — how long ago did Reagan win the Cold War? It’s over.”

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