Limbaugh: ‘Fantasy’ of Trump Working With Democrats Will End When Gorsuch Confirmation Is Filibustered


Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh dismissed the possibility of President Donald Trump working alongside Democrats as “fantasy.”

Limbaugh said this fantasy would come to an end when Democrats filibuster the Supreme Court confirmation vote of Judge Neil Gorsuch likely to happen next month, which Limbaugh said will be done out of a necessity for Democrats to fundraise.

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Now, folks, I did not mean to cause any undue concern here. Let me close the loop, dot the I’s and cross the T’s. This fantasy of working with the Democrats, and the New York Times clearly is hot and bothered. The New York Times, when you read this editorial, they’re clearly in the advanced stages of foreplay. They’re on the verge, they think that it’s gonna happen. I’m gonna tell you, they’re gonna have a cold shower, everybody is.

This fantasy of working with the Democrats is gonna be put to bed on April 7th or whenever the Senate votes on Gorsuch and the Democrats filibuster it. ‘Cause I don’t care what the Freedom Caucus has done, when it comes down to Gorsuch, the Democrats are not gonna vote for the guy. If they have to, they’ll filibuster him. The name of the game is resistance. That’s how the Democrats keep their donations coming in. It’s how the DNC is gonna be reconstituted, resistance, resistance, oppose. Hillary was out there talking about it in San Francisco in the black leather jacket. You think that was an accidental wardrobe choice? Ha. Hardly.

So Trump’s gonna get angry all over again at the Democrats when they filibuster Gorsuch. I was watching Lindsey Grahamnesty on TV today. Lindsey Grahamnesty is a guy, the last thing in the world that he would ever want to do is pull the nuclear option. Preserve the Senate rules. But he was loaded for bear today talking about the Democrats. He said (paraphrasing), “If they can’t vote for Neil Gorsuch, then it’s clear there’s not a single judge any Republican would ever nominate they would vote for.” I’m sitting there saying, are you just now figuring this out? But I’ll take it, if he’s just now figuring it out.

So they’re gonna filibuster Gorsuch. Did you hear what Pelosi said about Gorsuch? I know you guys, I know you get tired of me sometimes being repetitive, but I’m telling you, I only repeat what they say. Did you hear what Pelosi said about Gorsuch? I’m paraphrasing, it’s pretty close. “If you drink water and breathe air, you need to oppose Neil Gorsuch.” I know. I know. The Republicans are blamed for all this pollution out there. And you don’t think anybody takes it seriously.

The question is, why is Nancy Pelosi not laughed and hooted out of politics with a comment like that? Why does anybody give her any credence whatsoever? And yet the media and Democrat analysts talk about that, “She’s brilliant. That’s a brilliant strategy, to blame the guy for dirty water and dirty air.” It’s akin to Republicans want to destroy the planet. Why do Republicans want to destroy where they live? But the Democrats live and die with this stuff. She uses it because it still works, is the problem, and it works with the lunatics that send her money and vote for her.

Imagine, if you like drinking water — it’s not a matter of like; you have to do that. And if you like breathing, Neil Gorsuch is not your judge, as though Gorsuch is gonna try to stop you from drinking water, breathing air, or poison it. It’s just absurd.

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