Dem Rep Lieu: Trump Might Have Launched Syria Strike to Distract from ‘Possible Collusion with Putin’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) offered President Trump wanting to “distract” people from “possible collusion with Putin” as a possible suggestion for the missile strike against Syria.

Host Bill Maher asked Lieu how Trump going against Russia to launch the strike on Syria “fit into the Republican — the liberal idea that he was installed by Putin as a stooge to do whatever Putin wanted? This is not what Putin wanted.”

Lieu responded, “If you’re facing possible collusion with Putin, you might just want to distract people.”

He added, “It might be, we don’t know. I’ve learned to not predict Donald Trump. But, in this case, what he did was not only unconstitutional, there’s no strategy. We don’t know what were doing in Syria, how long we’re going to be there. He’s got US ground forces there now that are more at risk of being attacked because he just attacked Assad. He has to tell the American people what we’re doing in Syria, he has not done that.”

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