Mark Steyn: ‘Last Night Was Inauguration Day — America Is Back in the World’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn reacted to the United States’ military action against Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack earlier the week that was reportedly conducted by the Syrian goverment.

Steyn called it “Inauguration Day” for President Donald Trump and said it was a signal America was “back in the world.”

“I think they understand this is really — last night was Inauguration Day,” Steyn said. “That America is back in the world. Now, not ineffectively. What we have to be careful about here is whether the tactical ruthlessness of last night is matched with strategic clarity which hasn’t been the case in Afghanistan and Iran. But accepting that Trump doesn’t want to get mired in pointless civil wars. I think this keeps America’s enemies on its toes and figure out what it is they have to do next.”

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