ABC’s Jon Karl: In First 100 Days, Trump Has ‘Fallen Dramatically Short’ of the Standard He Set

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl said President Donald Trump had “fallen dramatically short” of the standard he set for his first 100 days during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Remarks as follows:

Well, on one hand, George, Donald Trump has truly shaken up Washington and he has big plans for the rest of the year. But by the standards that he set for himself during the campaign, there is no question that he has fallen dramatically short in the first 100 days.

Just take a look at this. Back in October, he offered what he called a contract with the American voter. This is ten specific promises, ten pieces of legislation, that he promised to introduce and, quote, “fight for their passage within the first 100 day of my administration.”

Well, George, only one of those has even been introduced. And that is repealing and replacing Obamacare. And obviously, that hasn’t passed. There is one area where there has been a significant impact though, in the first 100 days, and that’s on regulations. Cutting, rolling back regulations that Obama put in place, especially on the environment. His economic team believes this is already having an impact on business, and they believe that ultimately rolling back those regulations could even have more of an impact that tax reform.

And George, you mentioned him saying this is a ridiculous mark. But I’ve got to tell you, I am seeing a mad scramble in the West Wing to try to get points on the board before the 100-day marker. On one hand, they want to pass, make another effort to pass health care. And then there’s tax reform. You mentioned the promise that he made on Friday that he is going to unveil a plan for tax reform on Wednesday of next week. This shocked his own top advisers.

The idea had been floated a few days earlier. They had agreed that they wouldn’t do it yet. It wasn’t ready. And then they heard him say it, clearly an indication that he wants to still get something done, something more before they reach that 100 days.

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