Susan Rice: Trump Runs Foreign Policy Like ‘the Crazy Aunt in the Attic’

Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice said it has been “unsteady and rocky” like the “crazy aunt in the attic that nobody knows what is going to do next.”

When asked to characterize Trump’s foreign policy, Rice said, “I think obviously, Fareed, it’s only been just about 100 days, so it’s early days, but I would say that in many respects it’s been unsteady and rocky. And by that I would point particularly to the fact that a number of our closest friends and allies are feeling uncertain, off balance, unclear as to where we stand and what we mean. The United States, Fareed, is supposed to be the grownup at the dinner table. We’re not supposed to be the crazy aunt in the attic that nobody knows what is going to do next. That unpredictability may be useful to somebody like Kim Jong-Un in North Korea. But it’s not the way the United States is supposed to act. And I think our allies have been off balance and uncertain in a way that doesn’t serve our interests.”

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