Gingrich: ‘Dangerous Detour’ for Trump Team to ‘Get Sucked Into Dancing With the Elite Media’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discussed the possibility of the Trump administration doing away with the daily press briefing, an idea floated by President Donald Trump in an interview set to air Saturday night with the network’s Jeanine Pirro.

Gingrich offered his idea of what could be put in place of the press briefing and warned against getting sucked into “dancing with the elite media,” which he likened to “dancing on the quicksand of the swamp.”

“[M]y point would be this — one of them ought to go in every day, and give out the list of things that have been done, maybe introduce a cabinet officer or a subcabinet officer or somebody who’s done something positive,” Gingrich said. “They should take the country through all the positive things they’re doing, and then leave, but not have the press corps there, simply give a briefing. It’ll be on YouTube. It’ll be on Facebook. It’ll be — may well be on C-SPAN every day, and say to the press corps, You take any part of this you want, but we’re not answering your questions.”

“I mean, the more they get sucked into dancing with the elite media, the more they’re dancing on the quicksand of the swamp,” he added. “And in the long run, that’s not where the country is. It’s not what the country cares about. And I think it is, frankly, a dangerous detour for them to play these games with the news media.

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