Bernstein: ‘Appropriate’ for Media to Question Trump’s Mental Stability for Office

During Sunday’s CNN “Reliable Sources” broadcast, CNN contributor Carl Bernstein said not only was it “appropriate” for the media to question President Donald Trump’s mental stability and fitness, but he believed it was “part of the story.”

“Donald Trump is a president with whom there is a grave question about his fitness and ability to conduct the office of the presidency, and that’s going hand in hand with the possible coverup into collusion with a foreign power,” Bernstein explained.

Later, host Brian Stelter asked Bernstein if it was “appropriate” for journalists to address Trump’s mental stability and fitness as president of the United States.

Bernstein said it was “appropriate,” adding, “it’s part of the story and it’s very hard to cover.”

“It’s a different dynamic than we’ve ever had to deal with before,” he continued. “But the tweets that the president of the United States has been making are really a roadmap of his mind. And that roadmap takes some very crooked corners.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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