Roland Martin: Black People Are Tired of Being Democrats’ ‘Side Piece’ and ‘Political Sharecroppers’

On Friday’s “MSNBC Live,” TV One host Roland Martin argued that Democrats should stop chasing white Trump voters and that black people don’t want to be the Democratic Party’s “side piece” or “political sharecroppers.”

Martin began by saying Democrats have the problem of not focusing enough on local races.

He further stated that Democrats have to understand that they won’t have “all these perfect progressives, these perfect liberals. If you’re running in Texas and Mississippi and Alabama they’re going to look different than somebody than running in Ohio, somebody running in New York.”

Martin then told Democrats, “they have got to stop chasing this epic, mythical white voter.”

He continued by arguing that capturing white Trump voters wasn’t how Democrats won, and declaring, “You better go after people of color. Hillary Clinton, had she put the resources targeting people of color, she could have won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. That’s where they failed. … Black people are tired of being the side piece for the Democratic Party. They’re tired of being political sharecroppers. If Democrats want to win, they have to drive turnout. We saw for the first time in 2016, Ali, black voter participation dropped. Not because black folks didn’t vote, but because of the impact of voter suppression. Democrats better figure that out. If they don’t get blacks and Latinos to turn out in big numbers, they are not going to win period.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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