Huckabee Sanders: ‘Morning Joe’ Personally Attacks Trump Daily, He Was Fighting Fire With Fire

Thursday at the White House press briefing, when asked about President Donald Trump’s tweets about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump fought “fire with fire.”

Huckabee Sanders said, “I think the president has been attacked several times by people on those programs. They elected someone who is stuff, smart, and a fighter. I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that he fights fire with fire. The things this show called him, not just him but numerous members of his staff, incuding myself andf many other has been very deeply personal. So to turn and pretend like this approach is, you know, I guess it is kind of like living in the Twilight Zone.”

“They do it day after day after day and the president responds and defends himself and every is blown away,” she continued. “If it happened in the previous administration, the type of attacks launched on this program, the things they say, utterly stupid, personality disorder, mentally ill, constant personality attacks, calling people liars to their faces on programs. They would have said no way, hold on. The president will not step back, he showed that, and that is exactly what it is.”

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