Krauthammer: Trump Jr. ‘Like Bill Clinton, Seems to Have an Approximate Approach to the Truth’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer compared Donald Trump Jr.’s defense of his meeting with a Russian attorney to Bill Clinton’s approach to telling the truth.

Krauthammer said, “There is a sort of epidemic of amnesia having to do with Russians, which is remarkable. There were three people in the meeting and not one of them remembered until being reminded now. The other problem is that the Trump administration, let’s look at Donald Trump Jr., like Bill Clinton, seems to have an approximate approach to the truth, as if saying it is the last resort. Donald Trump Jr. gave three explanations for what happened. And the last one is the one that’s most obvious and the most believable. They get a call. There’s somebody with oppo research. Why not?”

He continued, “The only answer to why not is, it’s a foreign power, and it’s a hostile foreign power. Ukraine is a foreign power. A lot of countries try to influence American elections. We try to influence elections among our democracies, Israel being a prime example. But Russia’s a special case because it’s an adversary, working against us. Putin is not a friend of the United States. So, look, they could say, these were amateurs. The Trump people weren’t aware of the fact, naïve about this. That’s not a great defense. It’s not something you want to do, to get together with an adversary in the middle of an American election.”

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