Trump Confronts GOP Sen Heller on Health Care Repeal: ‘Look, He Wants to Remain a Senator, Doesn’t He?’


Wednesday at the White House during President Donald Trump’s meeting with Republican Senators on health care, Trump confronted Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) who has expressed his unease with the Obamacare repeal and replace bill.

Trump said, “Frankly, I don’t think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan unless we can give our people great health care because we’re close. We’re very close. The other night I was very surprised when I heard my friends — my friends they really were and are — they might not be very much longer, but that’s OK. I think. I have to get them back.”

Heller joked, “Thanks for not looking this way.”

Trump continued, “No. You didn’t go out there. This was the one we were worried about. You weren’t there. But you’re going to be. You’re going to be. Look, he wants to remain a senator, doesn’t he? Okay. And I think the people of your state, which I know very well, I think they’re going to appreciate what you hopefully will do. Any senator who votes against starting debate is telling America you’re fine with Obamacare.”

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