Dem Rep Himes: If Chelsea Dealt With Russia Like Don Jr., There Would Be ‘Right-Wing Militias’ on WH Lawn

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Jim Himes (D-CT) argued that if Hillary Clinton was in the White House and Chelsea Clinton had engaged in the same conduct as Donald Trump Jr., there would be impeachment proceedings and right-wing militias carrying torches on the White House’s South Lawn.

Himes said, “I’ve been saying for a while now that if this were all reversed, that if Hillary Clinton were in the White House and Chelsea Clinton had had that Trump Tower meeting where Chelsea Clinton says ‘I love it’ around the possibility of getting, from the Russian government, compromising information on Donald Trump, not only would we be consumed in impeachment proceedings, but we would have right-wing militias on the South Lawn of the White House with torches in their hands.”

He continued, “It’s just startling to me where we are today, and the damage is just unbelievable, right? I mean, the president has attacked his own attorney general. I’m not a huge fan of Jeff Sessions. But, you know, here’s a guy, who, I think, is trying to do a job in the tradition of attorneys general, in terms of keeping the Justice Department — being an independent arbiter of justice rather than some sort of Praetorian Guard for the president of the United States. The — you know, Donald Trump has gone to — he went to Clapper, he went to Comey, all of the top national security officials and begged them to say that this is a sham investigation,g even though we know it’s not. So, you know, it’s just a dumpster fire down here.”

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