Judge Jeanine: ‘No Better Person,’ ‘No Better Leader’ to Help Trump Than General John Kelly

During her Saturday opening statement on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro responded to Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) accusing President Donald Trump of “militarizing” the White House by appointing General John Kelly to White House Chief of Staff.

After ripping the Democrats for being “in a constant state of psychotic rage,” Pirro praised General Kelly, saying there is no better leader to help Trump.

“Will someone please tell me why it is that ever since Donald Trump became president you Democrats have lost your minds and are in a constant state of psychotic rage? Militarizing the White House? Are you crazy? You guys are the ones who openly contemplated blowing up the White House. You leftists are the ones destroying property and attempting to burn down buildings to prevent us from exercising our First Amendment free speech rights,” Pirro stated.

She later added, “As we face a nuclear powered North Korea, Iran and others who want to destroy this great nation, there is no better person, no better leader, no one more knowledgeable to help the President run the west wing of the White House than General John Kelly.”

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