Maher: Trump ‘Does Not Seem Christlike’

During an interview with Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued that President Trump doesn’t seem to be like Jesus Christ.

Maher said, “I don’t throw the term Antichrist around lightly. But, when I think of Christ, and then Trump, yeah, Antichrist. … [L]et’s take the lying thing. You guys call Satan — you believe in Satan, right?”

After Reed responded that he does, Maher stated, “I could make fun. I’m not. Because I like you. Okay, but don’t you call Satan the father of lies?”

Maher added, “Trump, giant liar, Satan, father of lies. Okay. What about the thing that Jesus was sorta — he was not really fond of egomaniacs, or rich people? Isn’t Donald Trump a rich egomaniac, who — you know, everything is about money and doing well and winners and losers? It just does not seem Christlike, Ralph.”

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