Dana Perino: ‘Steve Bannon Has Become a Distraction’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” while discussing the departure of President Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, the co-host of ‘The Five’ and former White House press secretary for Presiden George W. Bush Dana Perino, said Bannon had “become a distraction.”

Perino said, “I think that this is a continuation of General John Kelly helping the president refocus the White House. And I’m going to give you three ‘D’ words. Steve Bannon has become a distraction because he was getting a lot more attention even than the president. You saw the president’s frustration with that book that Joshua Green at Bloomberg wrote. There was also reportedly distrust amongst the White House staff when it came to leaks and the belief that Steve Bannon was leaking about them and their colleagues and friends.”

She continued, “And third, I would say destruction. Steve Bannon had reportedly said he did not plan to be at the White House for longer than 8-12 months. It’s August, the eighth month of the presidency and he hit his deadline. I think when it comes to destruction, what he called the reporter of the American Prospect the other day and just laid it all out there and really basically undermined President Trump on his North Korea policy, I think that was probably the final straw for the president.”

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