Dem Rep Gallego: Trump Is ‘Clearly Racist’ and ‘An Abject Liar’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) stated that President Trump is both a racist and “an abject liar.”

Gallego said, “I’ve said it very clear, the president is clearly racist. I don’t understand how much more history we need and more example. Many may not want to admit it that we elected a president that’s racist, but he is. And we just have to accept it and we have to work within the confines of that. And I think he’s coming to Arizona because he wants to, you know, stoke his base up, and, you know, talk about the border wall. that’s why he’ll be talking about Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But at the end of the day, we just have to admit, the history, the evidence is staring us in the face, the president is racist.”

He added, “[Y]ou have to look at other aspects of this. one, you know, his Muslim ban. where did that come from? obviously, that was a campaign rally statement that he tried to turn into policy, and here he is, actually executing that. Again, it’s unfortunate that we have to say it, but at some point, if somebody has been acting the same way since the 1970s, particularly using racial animus for — whether political gain or whatever gain, it is what it is.”

Gallego responded to a question on Trump’s denials that he is racist by stating, “He says a lot of things. But, look, one, we have to also admit that he’s just an abject liar. And, you know, no one’s going to claim that they’re a racist, but the man is. I apologize to the American public that we elected a racist as president. He’s irresponsible with his words. I’m sure in his heart, he doesn’t think he is. But, look back since the 1970s and this is what you have — this is what we have as our president.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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