Shelby Steele Rips Michael Eric Dyson — ‘This Man Is a Plague on His People’

Wednesday in an appearance promoting his Wall Street Journal column on Laura Ingraham’s nationally syndicated radio show, Stanford University’s Hoover Institution senior fellow Shelby Steele, author of “Shame: How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country,” reacted to anti-Trump comments made by Michael Eric Dyson earlier in the week.

Dyson at the National Action Network’s “Ministers March for Justice” on Monday said President Donald Trump “just hates the fact that a black man was in charge,” referring to his predecessor former President Barack Obama.

Steele condemned Dyson for his remarks and called Dyson a “plague on his people.”

“I think what’s interesting about Dyson and the comment that you just played is this man is a plague on his people,” he said. “He does nothing but fan up their insecurities, scream at them that they are victims, that they are owed something, that they are entitled, that they’ve been put upon, that they’re down, when we really know the reality is of course that the only way minorities – whether they’ve been oppressed or not – are going to move ahead is by self-reliance and positive good faith.”

“Rather, what Dyson is preaching here is bad faith – is be suspicious of your country, doubt your country, doubt that you have any opportunities, disbelieve,” Steele continued. “That’s the way to move ahead. What a profound and horrible message to be sending to black Americans as we try to come out of what we’ve been through.”

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