Dem Rep Watson Coleman: Trump ‘Very Racist’ — ‘Can’t Hold a Candle’ to Obama

This week in an interview with SiriusXM’s Dean Obeidallah, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) said President Donald Trump was a “racist” and that he could not “hold a candle” to former President Barack Obama.

Watson Coleman said, “There has never been a president like this. I have actually never seen a human being in elected office that has demonstrated all this sort of vileness just on a daily basis, just continue to find out how low can you go. This is definitely unprecedented and very racist. Discriminatory against so many different people, the transgender, the gay and lesbian, you know, the Latino, the Muslim, the black, you know anybody that is something other that was he is. It’s disgusting, and it’s so un-American, Dean. It’s just so un-American.”

She continued, “This president doesn’t have any feelings about anybody or anything, so he went down there to sell his hats and obviously to have a shot here and there, but he doesn’t know how to show compassion because he doesn’t have it within him.”

She added that Trump “can’t hold a candle, he can’t even hold the wick to any former presidents, including some who have been doggone bad. But he certainly isn’t in the league with President Barack Obama.”

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