Trumka: We’ll Work to Protect Rights and Jobs of DACA Workers

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka stated that if DACA is ended, the AFL-CIO will work with DACA employees to protect their rights and jobs.

Trumka said ending DACA “will leave our workplaces less safe, less fair. It’ll make it more difficult for us to come together to raise wages for everybody. There are 800,000 people that are making contributions every single day. Taking away their rights, making them exposed to being fired at will, is, not only cruel, it’s very, very wrong for the economy. It’s the wrong thing to do. So, I think we would probably respond in two ways. The first thing we’ll do is work with those DACA workers to make sure that their rights are protected, their job’s protected. And then we’ll fight to get legislation so that the contributions that they make are celebrated, rather than assaulted.”

Trumka later added that he would like to see Congress pass legislation giving DACA workers a path to citizenship.

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