House Dem Caucus Chair: If DREAMer Protections Are Tied to Wall Funding, ‘We Should Call the FBI’ – ‘It’s Hostage Taking’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” House Democratic Caucus Chairman Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY) argued that tying protections for DREAMers to border wall funding would be taking hostages.

Anchor Kate Bolduan asked Crowley, “If folks are floating the idea that some — the protections for DREAMers, DACA would be linked to money for the border wall, if that happened, would you vote against protections for DREAMers?”

Crowley responded, “I think if the president or the Republican Party link this to the border wall, we should call the FBI. Because it’s hostage taking. They’ll be taking these young people and their lives as hostages to build a wall, a $40 billion wall that does absolutely nothing for the economy of the United States and doesn’t make us any safer.”

He continued, “It is morally a waste of money — of the taxpayer dollars, $40 billion. I don’t — we should not be holding these young people hostage. We should deal with this issue on its merits alone.”

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